What is a Gonk?

In recent years Gonks have become a favourite Christmas Character- exploding on to the Christmas scene as a quirky decoration. These charming creatures are full of personality reminding us of festive gnomes or funny looking little Santa’s with their long bushy beards, button noses and hats pulled down over their eyes.

But believe it or not this creature was not always a Christmas icon. Gonks have been found in Nordic and Scandinavian mythology. In these old tales these short, bearded ones would make their homes in houses and barns protecting the families with fairy like magic and bringing good fortune. But if they were disrespected, they would play tricks and become mischievous. A bit like our modern- day Elf on the Shelf.

The story goes that during the shortest day of the year- winter solstice, families would leave out a bowl of porridge for Gonks to feast. This would win favour with the Gonks and create good fortune for the coming year. As Christmas traditions grew over Scandinavia, Gonks became paired with Christmas time. And aren’t we happy that they did- bringing a little magic to our homes this Christmas.

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